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Mohammed Amdani

Adapt Ventures

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Mo is one of those up-and-coming VCs that you don't hear about until you do, and then they're speaking with every notable founder in the blink of an eye. His firm is young (less than a year old) but they've already done about 10 investments. In other cases, this might mean they're rushing - but having gone through many conversations with him and his brother & business partner Ammar, I can say they're thorough and very very informed. I'm not sure if it's their size, the age of the team, or just sheer grit, but these guys do their homework. They come ready with questions and prepared on the industry. I can't confirm, but I'm pretty sure they even did a reference check on me before our first conversation. They seemed to know a lot about me, my business, and who I know. More than the casual LinkedIn glance. My favorite thing about Mo and Ammar is their speed. When they like something, they move on it. It's really just the two of them - no big IC, no board, no annoying slow GPs always in Tahoe - just two hard working VCs who can write a check the same day they decide they want to do the investment. No approvals required. A huge factor here is that Mo and Ammar have run and are actually running businesses while running Adapt. More so than the VC who founded a company in the dot com boom, they're actually doing it now in 2020. This means they understand what CAC is really like these days. They can relate to the difficulty of FB ads leading up to an election. They get it. They also are able to offer a lot of help other VCs can't. When I told them I wanted to find an influencer or two to work with, they had an intro ready for me the next day to an influencer they'd already worked with that had strong ROI. Hard to beat tangible value-add like that. Overall, I would rate Mo and Ammar 10/10. They're the type of investors you want to go back to and ask to participate in your next round.
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