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Jonathan Ehrlich

Foundation Capital

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Jonathan is a great investor. I have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of investors, and he tops my list. He is very sharp and seems to be always thinking one step ahead, so for founders that pitch him, you should be two steps ahead of his question. Jonathan is very much a no-BS guy. He's still very friendly, but does not waste time with frilly intros talking about the weather. He gets right to the point - and I can tell from my conversations with him that this is out of respect for the founder. He has been a founder himself and understands how busy we are. He's respectful in how he operates - he's quick with his questions, quick with his follow-up, and respectfully fast with his decision. He does not take pitches to be nice - if you're talking with him, it's because he's interested. That said, I would not be shy about approaching him. He'll tell you right off the bat if it's worth the time to continue the conversation or not. I really respect that. Overall, I'd rate Jonathan a 10/10. This is after speaking with many many investors. He is one of the sharpest in the valley, respectful of the founder's time, and quick in his follow up and decisions. If you think you're in the ballpark of what he's interested in at Foundation (consumer, right stage, traction numbers, etc) I would reach out and suggest a conversation.
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